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A new beginning

Time to relax…..

Somerset Art weeks have ended and it’s time for me to sit back and take it all in! It felt like such a surreal time that I haven’t even managed to process everything that happened.

It was such privilege to show so many lovely people my work and the feedback I got was amazing. People seemed to really connect with my miniature work, with people telling me stories about their childhood, it was so humbling that my work made people remember a time they may have forgotten.

I feel sad that it is all over and I will miss the drive down the wooded valley to Dulverton but at the same time I hope this is a new beginning for me…

So before I sign off for a well deserved break I want to say thankyou to SAW, NADFAS, Davina and Jan at number seven for all their hard work and opening their hearts and home to me, Zoe for helping to make it all happen and most of all my husband Nigel, For all the support and love. xxx


Learning through the moors


The weekend is nearly here and so begins another stage of the creative pathways journey. Last week I spent the day at my venue, Number Seven in Dulverton assembling my window display.
I have to admit that I found it a daunting task at first. I never really work on a large scale as most of my work is miniature, it was hard to see the bigger picture. But it turned out to be a great lesson in trusting my judgement. Sometimes as an artist you forget that there is life in your art after the studio so it was great to see it come to life for a second time in a beautiful window display.
My mentor and I decided on a kingfisher theme for the window as since the beginning of the project I have focused alot on these little birds and wasn’t really sure why; yes they are seen fishing along the fast flowing valley rivers but surely it’s not the typical animal you think of when you speak of the moors.
Then it occured to me when I arrived in Dulverton and I saw the beautiful lush wooded slopes and liquid silver river. Like the kingfisher the moors can be vivid and full of brightness but underneath the kingfisher isn’t the bright blue he appears, he is a trick of the light for his feathers aren’t blue at all it’s just an illusion. This may seem dissapointing to some but to me it makes him seem even more magical and that’s how I feel about the moors. On those bright sunny days the moors are welcoming and intriguing to so many visitors but underneath it can be harsh and dark in the murky depths. It’s a place of such perfect balance, dark and light, bellowing gales and the stillness of sun, obvious beauty and hidden charm, just like the kingfisher.

Walking my path

On Friday morning I had a couple of hours to fritter away, this doesn’t happen very often! So I went for a walk. After a couple of minutes I realised I was writing small sentences in my mind about things I was seeing so I got a pen and my diary out and decided to write them down. Every movement or sound that I saw I wrote a short sentence about it, without overthinking, without stopping, and without letting that dark place that so often rears its ugly head in my mind, doubt; to sabotage my thoughts. It was theraputic to say the least and I have some wonderful words that will always be with me, I feel they need to be shared though hmmmm what to do with them ….


Taking time to unwind

This weekend I have had some time out of creating. Although I love spending time with wool and needles I thought I deserved a break. I was unsure of if I should post about this as I’m aware it’s not about physically making a piece. Then I realised that there is so much more to making art for me than the physical aspect of felting. There are times when I want to sketch to feel the animal that I’m making on a more personal level, sometimes I want to be out walking and exploring to understand the environment better. There are times when I research facts about a particular animal. Then there are the times where I need to relax to gain more insperation and reconnect with that rooted feeling that allows me to create my best work; and this weekend I really achieved that, I cleared my mind allowing new ideas to flow in…


Forests, Felting and Felines

Sorry to all for my lack of blogging! My hands have been stuck to a felting needle for the past few months 🙂

When I’m not felting I have been out and about exploring. We took a wonderful walk through some ancient woodlands the other day. I love going to this secret place as everytime I go I am always blessed with seeing deer. This time was even better though as I managed to see a mother with her fawn, it was very magical and really inspired me for a piece for the exhibition.


When I got home all was going well until my cat decided he wanted in on the action and fell asleep in my felting box! not helpful but still cute!!!


Foxgloves and Foraging


So this is the beginning of my work and the start of me blogging so please bear with me 🙂 As I will be concentrating on the moorland areas I have been visiting the hidden wooded gems of Exmoor. Today I spent a little time exploring around Dulverton (This is where I will be exhibiting) and then we stopped off at Wimbleball Lake. It was very peaceful and the walk took me through a little wooded area that was host to the beautiful cerise pink of foxgloves, They were gently nodding their heads in the breeze. I almost found myself nodding with them! Next week I will be going on a 12 mile walk from Dulverton to Tarr Steps and back, I will keep you posted!